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Corn Flakes: Husker Updates, Tactical Bra, and Princess Leia’s Dress

If you don’t hear from me next week, blame the pumpkins.

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Ranch dispatch, July 3.

First shots have been fired in the annual War With the Pumpkins.

Jill Heemstra

These deceptively happy-looking future jack-o-lanterns attempt to take over the world every summer. They are making their move a little earlier than normal this year. Most certainly, it is an attempt to catch me off guard.

I have ceded a generous amount of territory to these orange (and white, blue, pink, gray, speckled and striped) spheres. The square footage allotted has increased in recent years, but that only has made them more hungry to take additional space.

When they were planted, they were so very tiny. And soooooo very far apart. It seeemed unlikely that they could fill all that space.

I underestimated my foe.

This year, I built a trellis for the cucumbers so that they have an escape route from their much larger cousins.

Jill Heemstra

You better hurry little cucumbers. The pumpkins are not far behind.

[apologies if the photos are at a weird orientation - they appeared correct in some views and not in others and the system isn’t letting me rotate them]

Corn Flakes

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Then There’s This

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