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Five Heart Podcast: Big Ten Media Days Recap, CU Returns to the Big 12

Big Ten Football Media Days Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Jon is joined by Patrick and Nate as they discuss the 2023 Big Ten Media Days. What type of ass-backwards, talking out of both sides of their mouths nonsense was spewed at the annual meeting? Who shined? Who stunk?

We reviewed Matt Rhule’s performance as well as many of the other Big Ten coaches, particularly PJ Fleck because of this article. The article contains this bit, which I find hilarious:

Dan Nichol, Minnesota’s head football strength and conditioning coach who followed Fleck over from Western Michigan and interned at Iowa under disgraced strength coach Chris Doyle, gathered the team together after Fleck was hired, one of the former players said. The instruction was simple: Clap whenever Fleck entered the locker room.

“We had to [practice giving Fleck ovations] multiple times — the first time, because some other people in the back were not moving as quick as he wanted,” a third player told FOS.

Two other former players said that Fleck would reenter a room if he didn’t like the ovation he received.

Nate makes clear his disdain for Fleck.

And Colorado is going back to their first wife now, allegedly, with reports that the Buffaloes are rejoining the Big XII as early as 2024. That seems oddly coincidental with the departure of Oklahoma and Horns Down.

There’s a discussion about whom else from the Pac-12 might join the Big 12, and whether or not we miss our old conference.

There is a discussion about the recent NIL and transfer portal legislation in congress. I don’t think this is a very popular topic because most people love sports to get away from this shit even though it will determine the direction of college football from here.

There’s a fair amount of discussion about the Minnesota game.