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Landen Davidson Is My Favorite Commit In The 2024 Class. Here’s Why.

We have a class full o’ stars, but Davidson shines the brightest.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn’t take a neurosurgeon to figure out that Nebraska’s offensive line has been unabashed filth going on almost 10 years now. We have been consistently awful at protecting the quarterback and opening holes for our running backs.

From Donovan Raiola, to Greg Austin, to Mike Cavanaugh, to even Barney Cotton’s later years, all of them have struggled to cobble up an acceptable OL unit. Whether it was recruiting guys that barely played OL (Jimmy Fritzche), guys who barely played football at all (Alex Conn), trotting out out-of-shape guys out there (Jerald Foster, Nick Gates) and just plain unathletic guys (Cole Conrad, David Knevel), none of the aforementioned coaches got the job done. I won’t speak in absolutes for Raiola, as he is still here so there is a chance he could put together a good unit.

It is of my belief that to be a good offensive lineman, you have to be built on the three pillars of athleticism, technique, and violence.

Landen Davidson possesses all three traits.

You want athleticism? Landen is a two-time all-state honoree in wrestling. He has a personal best of 45-3. He clocked a 4.91 40 at 315 pounds this summer, which is RIDICULOUS for his age and weight. The kid is a freakshow!

You want technique? Check out his film! The kid can mirror pass rushers or use his powerful base & hands of stone to dominate defenders in the run game!

You want violence? Watch the film! Landen plays with an evil intent, constantly looking for ways to humiliate the person lined up across from him. It’s so demonic, friends.

Unrelated, but there’s also this picture:

What’s not to like about Davidson? The kid is a dog, and I feel in 4-5 years when we look back on the 2024 recruiting class, we’re gonna say ”man, Landen Davidson was an amazing find! Why was he rated so low???” I believe wholeheartedly in the kid!