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The Perfect 2023 Desktop Wallpaper for Husker Fans

Kick off the year in style!

created by Brian Anderson

Are you a die-hard fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers? Do you bleed scarlet and cream? If so, it’s time to take your enthusiasm to the digital realm by adorning your computer screen with a stunning new desktop wallpaper that reflects your love for the Huskers!

Nebraska Cornhusker fans are renowned for their unwavering support and passion for their team. Whether it’s packing Memorial Stadium on game day or following every play with unbridled excitement, Husker fans bring a unique energy to the world of college football. Now, it’s time to bring that same energy to your desktop background.

Every year I create a different Husker themed desktop wallpaper for my friends and family. This year being the newest member of the Corn Nation team, I bring this to you. My fellow Husker fans. Hopefully I can bring you more throughout the upcoming seasons. Until then go ahead and download the photo and set is as your desktop background.

Click the link to download the wallpaper.

My name is Brian Anderson, I am one of the newest additions to Corn Nation. I live in Northeast Nebraska and am a life long Nebraska fan. I’ve been a journalist for numerous news outlets and worked for various social media presences as well. In my free time I am an avid outdoorsmen and father to 3 amazing Husker fans. You can follow me going forward at and check out my future articles on here.