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Corn Nation Is Looking For Writers

Yes, we want you. We really do!

Gallery Photo: Nebraska vs. Northwestern Gallery

Hey folks, how are we doing today? Is there anyone out there who would want to join our merry bunch of pranksters?

We here at Corn Nation are gearing up for the upcoming college sports season and in doing so we are looking for a few good scribes. This could be a big opportunity for those interested in writing in the sports world. Any one of you could be the next Grantland Rice or even Skip Bayless!

The sports we are in need of writers are:

  • Football
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Volleyball

On top of these, we well be happy if anyone would also like to write about any other Husker sport that they would be interested in. Whether it is women’s bowling, rifle, or golf. Feel free to let your literary flag fly.

You do not have to be in any particular field to write with us. We have lawyers, teachers, bankers, and cowboys on staff. One of us has even died!

If you are interested, please email us at

The Paley Center For Media 2014 Spring Benefit Dinner Photo by Randy Brooke/WireImage