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Monday Night Therapy: Slagging On the Big 12, Texas, Oklahoma Along with Nebraska Sports Update

We did a live show. We were gonna talk bad about the Big 12, our former conference. And our former rivals/opponents/cheaters Texas and Oklahoma, and we did, but not as much as we should have.

I started the show by revealing that the feeling of football is starting to creep in. I normally start to get excited about football at the beginning of August, but NOT THIS YEAR. The excitement is coming on now.

We slagged on Northwestern more than we did Texas and/or Oklahoma. Lawsuits have been filed against the university. Their top 2023 recruit just hit the transfer portal. And they are giving NERDS a bad name, so I wonder if I should start a class-action lawsuit against them for that.

I brought up a topic no one cares about but me- and that is the fact that the way the movie and TV studios are approaching AI-generated content is going to make live sports more valuable than ever.

Todd took the AI comments to mean artificial insemination and went in a completely different and shocking direction.

Check the show out! Join us every Monday Night!


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