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Huskers Announced the Three Representatives Nebraska Will Have at Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis

Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Well this is a little awkward.

I was hoping Matt Rhule would pick me, Jon Johnston and Bri Clark (all of Corn Nation) to represent Nebraska at the Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis. We promised the administration that we would be on our best behavior.

Unfortunately, they went with three players instead.

Those players luckily are quarterback Jeff Sims, offensive lineman Ethan Piper and linebacker Luke Reimer.

I could be wrong, but it probably is not ideal to have a transfer who has not played a down at your university to represent you at the conference media days. But here we are! Jeff Simms might end up being an All-American transfer at quarterback, but this generally has not gone well.

The last transfer quarterback to do so? Tanner Lee.

Maybe he has earned that right to be there. So did Tanner Lee according to Mike Riley.

From the Chicago Tribune:

“He entered in not a really dramatic fashion, just became one of the guys and was well-liked and eventually well-respected,” coach Mike Riley said. “And the other reason he’s here (at media days) is he earned that job through good competition in spring ball.”

You could say that it is hard not to take the guy that is, barring injury, going to start game one at quarterback in the upcoming season.

I get it.

I think they should send Tristan Alvano.