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Monday Night Therapy: Northwestern Hazing, Pat Fitzgerald and the Hypocrisy of the Big Ten

Wisconsin v Northwestern Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The following happened over the past few days:

  • Northwestern released that they had complete an investigation into hazing
  • Northwestern announced they’d suspended head football coach Pat Fitzgerald for two weeks without pay
  • The Northwestern student newspaper published a story where two football players gave details about said hazing
  • The internet exploded because the details were rather.... well, frankly, sick.
  • The ENTIRE Northwestern football team denied the student newspaper story. Kind of.
  • Northwestern president Michael Schill stated he might have been too lenient.
  • Northwestern has fired Pat Fitzgerald.

And then

  • Nebraska had some baseball players get drafted.

So yeah, we’re gonna talk about it.


It’s Monday Night Therapy!

Come and join us! Ask questions!

Join along as we wonder why anyone would think another person would want to be dry-humped in the dark by teammates wearing masks!

And most of all... thank God that nothing like this has happened at Nebraska!

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