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Monday Flakes: Colorado to the Big 12? and Lake Cow Bacon

Plus, cheese rolling is a dangerous sport

Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We are past Memorial Day and into the doldrums of June.

Time for summer speculation on the weight program and whether the football team is bigger, faster and stronger.

Time for depth chart hot takes.

Time for conference realignment rumors (more on that later).

Football season will be here before we know it. (I hope)

Corn Flakes

Tominaga cites fans, chance to improve for return to Huskers | KHGI
Huskers basketball is getting a big name back in Keisei Tominaga, as the guard opted to return to Nebraska after entering his name as an early entrant for the 2

Dayton transfer includes Huskers among his five options
Fred Hoiberg is looking to add to his team.

Nebraska Football: Carter Nelson’s Georgia visit sparks rumors of new favorite
Carter Nelson took a trip to Georgia over the weekend and there are more than a few whispers that Nebraska football is being shoved off the top of his list.

Chronicle: In-depth with Nebraska football coach Matt Rhule
This week on Chronicle, coach Matt Rhule talks about the progress he's made in Lincoln so far, plus his motivation, the culture of Nebraska football, social media and more.


Woman Wins Cheese-Rolling Race After Knocking Herself Unconscious
Nineteen-year-old Delaney Irving was unconscious when she crossed the finish line of Gloucester's 2023 cheese-rolling contest.

Aaron Judge crashes through door to make potential MLB catch of the year | New York Yankees | The Guardian
Yankees star Aaron Judge crashed through the door of the visiting bullpen while making a spectacular running catch during New York’s 6-3 victory on Saturday

WCWS: Softball traditions, new superstitions taking over - ESPN
Tennessee’s money train, Oklahoma State’s stick horse and Stanford’s Ooshka Hat are among the traditions that make the WCWS great.

Report: Colorado Buffaloes ‘Will Move’ to Big 12 Following Pac-12 Media Deal Finalization - All Bearcats
Report: Colorado Buffaloes ’Will Move’ to Big 12 Following Pac-12 Media Deal Finalization

Reading That Makes You Smarter

(Not Guaranteed)

These Green Books Are Poisonous—and May Be on a Shelf Near You
Emerald green, also known as Paris green, Vienna green, and Schweinfurt green, is the product of combining copper acetate with toxic arsenic.

The rise of the 'no-wash' movement - BBC Culture
There's a growing cohort of people who believe in washing clothes less – or not at all. Matilda Welin talks to the 'no-wash' and 'low-wash' believers.

David Brandt, the Ohio farmer behind the 'honest work' meme, died age 76 : NPR
David Brandt, who died last week, was an Ohio farmer known for his pioneering work in no-till farming. But social media users knew him better as the overall-clad farmer from the "honest work" meme.

How the U.S. Almost Became a Nation of Hippo Ranchers | History| Smithsonian Magazine
In 1910, a failed House bill sought to increase the availability of low-cost meat by importing hippopotamuses that would be killed to make "lake cow bacon"

The Weekly Dump

Mussel poop may help clear oceans of microplastics | Science | AAAS
Now, scientists have discovered a marine organism that’s not just invulnerable to microplastics, it may have a way to eliminate them—literally.