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FOCO launches Nebraska Cornhuskers-branded overalls because you need them

Perfect way to start out the 2023 season in Minnesota.

FOCO announces the release of Husker fan apparel: Nebraska-themed overalls!

Perfect if you’re the type of fan who likes to stick out and show off your Nebraska loyalty to whomever happens to be passing by (especially stinky Iowa fans).

Or perhaps you’d prefer to be in a group of like-minded Nebraska fanatics who want to stand out in force.

You could buy one for you and one for your partner, and it isn’t like you have to make difficult fashion choices. (I know this because I suffer from fashion choices, I am in IT.)

You realize if she goes to the game with you in these overalls, she (or he or whatever we are now) is probably a keeper.

These would be a perfect way to start the 2023 season. Two road games. At Minnesota. At Colorado. Nothing would look better than to fill those stadiums with Nebraska fans that stand out on TV. Woooooeeeeee!

You can use these overalls for a picnic, or a tailgate. So many pockets. So versatile.

You knew you needed these but didn’t know where to get them, and now they are available at

If you want to save some cash off the retail price of $70, then use this 15% off coupon code - CORN15 - just for fans of Corn Nation! The code works for non-overall products if you want to pick up other goodies from Foco!

Please use this affiliate link to order.