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Wrestling: James Green Coming Out of Retirement to Train at NWTC

Former Husker Green stepping down as USA Wrestling’s National Freestyle Developmental Coach to re-join the Nebraska Wrestling Training Center

Freestyle World Cup 2017 in Iran
James Green, seen here at the 2017 World Cup.
Photo by Stringer/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

After just over a year away from competition, former Husker James Green has decided to come out of athletic retirement to re-join the Nebraska Wrestling Training Center.

After serving 14 months as USA Wrestling’s National Freestyle Developmental Coach in Colorado Springs, Green announced that after the U17 and U20 World Championships, he’ll be back in Lincoln training.

As a Team USA coach, Green brings a lot of upside to the NWTC. Not only will he be training there, he’ll undoubtedly be pouring into the younger guys on the Husker squad and those wrestling for the training center as senior-level athletes.

Obviously, Nebraska’s head coach of the NWTC Tervel Dlagnev is excited to see Green come back into the fold.

A four-time All-American for the Huskers, Green is also a six-time World Team member and two-time World medalist — taking bronze in 2015 and silver in 2017.

It’ll be interesting what weight he decides to wrestle at. As a true 70kg wrestler, Green historically struggled to make Olympic teams due to 70kg not being an Olympic weight. As he tried to cut to 65kg, Green often struggled.

With 2024 being an Olympic year, Green will either go 65kg or 74kg. Neither option is ideal for someone like Green, but that’s a conversation for another day. As for today, let’s just be happy that one of the all-time greats is lacing his shoes back up.