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Friday Flakes: The Case of Car Keys, Chipotle and Crumbl in Lincoln, NE

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Chipotle Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings, Boosted By Same Store Sales Rising Over 10 Percent Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images

On Wednesday night I pulled up with two of my kids to get some Chipotle and some cookies from Crumbl at 60th and O Street in Lincoln.

They apparently love both. When I told my son we were going to Chipotle he gives his usual “LETS GO” as he pumps his fist. My daughter was more excited for cookies from Crumbl.

We grabbed both and I sat in my front seat to turn the car on and I noticed that I did not have my keys.

Not a worry. I told my son to run into Chipotle because I probably left my keys on the counter when I went to pay.

He came out with empty hands.

Well maybe I left them in Crumbl? We were parked directly in front of Crumbl. I checked inside and unfortunately I didn’t leave my keys in there either.

Oh, and it was 95 degrees outside. Over the next hour we looked everywhere for my keys. Every person I talked to including my wife, in-laws and those at Chipotle and Crumbl asked me, “Did you check your pockets?”

Yes. Yes, I did.

As we failed to find the keys my in-laws picked me up to take me to get some copies made. Before leaving I left my number at both Chipotle and Crumbl in case they stumbled upon them.

The manager at Crumbl let me know he was going to watch my car until I got back. If he had to leave before I got back then he already had somebody else set to make sure nobody messes with my car.

My in-laws took me to the dealership to get copies made and they told me I needed to have the car towed there in order to get it done. So I headed back to meet a tow truck when I received a call from Chipotle.

They had my keys.

What I learned was that, yes I left my keys on the counter. But the lady right after me accidentally picked them up and put them in her purse. The probably happened when she went to pay and subconsciously just grabbed the set of keys that were laying there.

Anyways, it was completely my fault but I would like to let those at Chipotle, Crumbl and the woman who brought my keys back that I really appreciate their help.

No tow truck was needed. Just a bruised ego.

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