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Nebraska Football Legacy Quinn Clark Commits to the Huskers - Number One Player in Montana

Nebraska Spring Football Game Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Do you all remember Ken Clark? He was a Nebraska running back who played in the late 1900s.

Well his son, Quinn Clark, has committed to Nebraska as a wide receiver.

Size will not be an issue as Clark is 6’5” 190 pounds. Some sites have him at 6’6”.

As he told Mike Shaefer of 24/7 Sports:

“In the meantime it’d be wide receiver, but that may chance, but if I’m filling out when I get in a college program, and I get to 250 we might be talking tight end,” he said. “If I stay at 225 then I’ll stay at wide receiver. That’s really what we talked about. And I’m good with any of it.”

Clark is currently a three-star wide receiver and the number one player in the state of Montana.

He has zero offers from a power five program. This is not a surprise if you have been following this coaching staff. They know what they want. They do not care about the opinions of those outside the walls of Memorial Stadium.

They had him for an official visit and saw him perform at camp. He is the third wide receiver for the 2024 recruiting class.

Here’s his proud momma.