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Monday Flakes: RIP Dahrran Diedrick

A former Husker dies too young

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Dahrran Diedrick #30...

The NCAA men’s College World Series (CWS) been fun to least as fun as any tournament without the Huskers.

Florida and LSU square off for the winner-take-all game for the baseball national championship. The first game of the series was a thriller with LSU walking off the Gators in extra innings.

Game two of the series was not really close. The Gators brought in more runs than any team in CWS history. If you like home runs, especially in a park that doesn’t give up many of thenm, that was the game for you.

Who are you rooting for tonight?

Corn Flakes

‘Leaves us far too young’: Former Cornhusker Diedrick dies at 44 - ESPN
Dahrran Diedrick, the former Canadian Football League running back who starred for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and won three Grey Cup championships across a 10-year CFL career, died on Saturday at 44 years old after fighting cancer.

RIP Dehrran. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Once a Husker...

23 most indispensable Huskers in ‘23: Nouili’s return could give Nebraska jolt on interior of O-line
Huskers offensive lineman Nouredin Nouili returning could be a major boost to Donovan Raiola’s offensive line.

Waldron Called up by San Diego Padres - University of Nebraska
Former Husker Matt Waldron is set to become the 39th Nebraska baseball player to reach the Major Leagues after his contract was selected by the San Diego Padres

Huskers add 2024 kicker to walk-on class
Nebraska adds 2024 kicker to walk-on class.


One of Alberta’s top arm wrestlers is a 9-year-old who can deadlift 150 pounds and flips tires for fun | CBC News
Tristan Arseneault has been a Greco-Roman wrestler since he was three and can deadlift 150 pounds. About a year ago, Tristan took up arm wrestling after beating a youth national silver medallist and got hooked — so to speak.

Florida puts MCWS-record 24 runs on LSU, forces deciding Game 3 - ESPN
Florida scored the most runs in Men’s College World Series history in a 24-4 rout of LSU on Sunday that forced a deciding Game 3.

New York Mets’ playoff chances dwindling despite being one of the most expensive teams in baseball- Sports Illustrated
New York fields one of MLB’s most expensive teams, but only has a 14.2% chance of making the playoffs.

Alyssa Thomas records another historic triple-double to lead Sun past Sky
Alyssa Thomas now has more regular season triple-doubles than anyone in WNBA history.

Belgium shot putter Jolien Boumkwo runs 100-meter hurdles to save team
Despite the last place finish, shot putter Jolien Boumkwo saved the day for Belgium in the 100-meter hurdles at the European Championships in Poland.

Reading That Makes You Smarter

(Not Guaranteed)

Why do we love ugly animals? - BBC Future
Ugly dogs and other unattractive pets are far from aesthetically pleasing, yet they still tug on our heart strings. What's going on?

Tiny Frogs In G-Strings Reveal Insights Into Amphibian Rainforest Navigation | IFLScience
We'll keep this short and brief.

Why You Should Never Jump Into Water to Avoid a Bee Attack
Diving into a pool or lake to escape bees could result in a death worthy of a 'Final Destination' movie.

I’m not sure jumping into water was ever in my plan when confronted with a bee attack. But, I think I’d take any refuge if that happened.

Hotel Honors Honeymoon Gift Certificate it Gave to Kansas City Newlyweds 40 Years Ago
A Downtown Kansas City Marriot is honoring a promise that its representatives made almost 40 years ago, to mark couple's 40th anniversary.

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