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BOOM! Legacy Punter Kamdyn Koch is N!


Nebraska picked up a scholarship punter for the 2024 class today as Kamdyn Koch, son of former Nebraska punter Sam Koch, announced his commitment on social media.

Kamdyn is a senior at Winters Mill High School in Westerminster, Maryland.

Koch the younger is listed as 6-3, 195 pounds.

He isn’t rated by Rivals, but he’s a punter.

His father Sam Koch was a punter. Just in case you didn’t know, he was a helluva punter. For Nebraska. Sam holds Nebraska’s best single-season punting average, when in 2005 he punted for 46.51 yards per punt. He is the second-best career punter at 44.04 yards. He had the 2nd and 5th-longest punts in Nebraska history with an 84-yard punt against Pitt in 2005, and a 76-yard punt against Wake Forest the same season.

Sam then went to punt in the NFL for 16 seasons where he was punter par excellence’ for the Baltimore Ravens.

I imagine that Kamdyn not only has punting running through his blood, but learned to punt when he was about 18 months old and has been punting ever since!

Welcome to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, KamdyN!!!!!