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Monday Night Therapy: Talking Iowa Hawkeyes With Scott Dochterman

Nebraska v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Heyooooooo - it’s time for another Monday Night Therapy session!

Scott Dochterman from The Athletic joined us for an episode to talk (mostly) about Iowa football.

And we did. In fact, after going through Iowa’s team, including Brian Ferentz at offensive coordinator, Scott stated he expects the Hawkeyes to win 10 games in 2023.

Why did he say this? How does he think this way?

Well, when you do what I did before the show - wash all the Iowa hate off you and scrub real hard - you can stand back and look at Iowa from an objective point of view. They should have, even with Brian Ferentz, a pretty good offense.

Then they have a Phil Parker defense.

Listen to the show.

It is as close to a Hawkeye Nation show as you’re going to get, because TODD JOINS IN ON THE IOWA LOVE FEST for a bit, but this was my goal, as I want to learn as much as possible about our opponents this season.

I believe it’s as detailed a discussion about Iowa football as you’ll find. You want to know your opponent don’t you?


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