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Five Heart Podcast 326: May the Fourth Be With You

We’re officially into the off-season, and while we initially had the notion to visit with Ryan Tweedy about his documentary “Through These Gates,” it’s not just Star Wars Day, but it’s also his birthday. So he’s off with his family celebrating.

As I mentioned, it’s Star Wars Day, so May the Fourth be with you. This show may inadvertently dip its toe into some pop culture waters. Blame Todd from this past Monday Night Therapy.

And yes, Casey Thompson and Ajay Allen are in the transfer portal. We can’t do anything about that, but we have the discussion of whether or not one of our quarterbacks, Thompson or Logan Smothers, might return.

Patrick joined us and we had a discussion about Nebrasketball. Our beloved Huskers are the #2 team nationally at getting good players out of the transfer portal. We have that discussion, along who the transfers are.

Patrick does a dissertation supporting Deion Sanders and what he’s doing at Colorado. It’s a good listen.

We do have a Nebraska native coming home to play for the Husker men’s basketball team, so we will discuss that as well and how we are even getting Iowa players to flip.