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Keisei Tominaga, Still A Husker

Making Husker Nation happy

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Our long wait is over. Since the end of the season we, all of Nebrasketball, have waited with baited breath. Our hopes rode on the balance. We sat in silence as the man who makes it rain threes decided if he was going to go to the NBA or stay for one more season in Lincoln.

Folks, tonight we have our answer. Senior guard Keisei Tominaga has pulled his name from the NBA draft pool. He will return to UNL for his sixth an final season of eligibility.

Yes, he was honored as a senior for his last game. But there was always hope that he would come back for one more season wearing the scarlet and cream.

Keisei came off the bench this season and helped lead the Huskers to a 16-16 record. His presence and ability to drain threes ignited his team and Pinnacle Bank arena as the season wore on. A player that plays with an intensity and heart that you would wish most players would have.

Welcome back Keisei. We look forward to another season with you on the team.