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Monday Night Therapy: A Review of Nebraska Baseball Season

University of Nebraska Athletic Department

Todd, Aaron and I got together to review the 2023 Nebraska baseball season.

I started out by asking if Will Bolt needed to be fired, because the moment Nebraska lost to Maryland for the second time, ending their season, we received comments on the CN twitter account that Bolt needed to be fired.

Todd and Aaron give their viewpoints on that question, and Nebraska’s baseball season.

We discussed a series of questions:

Was it a good year, bad year, or how do you describe this year in baseball?

What does the Big Ten need to do to put more emphasis on baseball?

Who will be gone from this year’s team?

Who will be around next year? What about pitchers? What about the outfield?

Who are the premier coaches in the Big Ten?

What were Aaron’s favorite quotes from the Big Ten baseball tournament?

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