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After Raiola’s Commitment to Georgia, Nebraska Appears to Have Zeroed In On Their 2024 Quarterback

NCAA Football: Matt Rhule Press Conference Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about great way to start a weekend.

At the beginning of this week, Bryan Munson of wrote in his weekly article about the devastating impact of Dylan Raiola’s commitment to Georgia. His main point was that Nebraska had been bringing in huge high profile recruits like the number one Offensive Tackle, Running Back, Defensive Lineman and Wide Receiver in the country (respectively of position groups). Unfortunately, it is likely, that any chance to land one of those guys probably relied on Dylan Raiola committing to Nebraska.

The articles to follow from the various recruiting sites gave out lists of other potential targets at quarterback. Unfortunately, when you go hard after the best player in the country and come up short then you are really playing catchup.

One name that didn’t make many of those lists was a player who was at that time currently committed to Missouri in Bellevue West's Daniel Kaelin.

Well it is now Friday, May 19th, and guess who just decommitted from Missouri?

Oh, and guess what? Steve Wilfong, who covers national recruiting, just put a crystal ball in for Nebraska to land a quarterback.

If I gave you one guess on who that crystal ball was for I bet you might be able to figure it out.

If Daniel Kaelin commits to Nebraska in the near future it would be as the result of some impressive work by the Nebraska coaching staff.