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doink. dylan raiola commits to georgia.

*sad corn noises*


you've probably heard the news by now. no need to sugarcoat the matter at hand. let's get straight to it.

arizona qb dylan raiola decided to end things early today & committed to the georgia bulldogs. dylan plays qb at pinnacle high in phoenix, arizona. last year he attended chandler high in chandler, arizona, after spending his first two years at burleson high in burleson, texas. he is the son of former all-american husker offensive lineman dominic raiola, who enjoyed a lengthy nfl career with the detroit lions. from all accounts and purposes, it sounded like he wanted his son to be a husker. he could have been lying, or maybe dylan went against his father's wishes. who knows. nonetheless, he is going to play football in athens.

dylan is undoubtedly a big loss for nebraska. not only do we need a qb in this class, he is the best quarterback prospect i've seen in several years, and is a gosh darn husker legacy for crying out loud. the staff spent massive amounts of time and resources recruiting dylan to join the big red, and it all ended with pie on their face.

now, coach rhule and company have to find a qb for the 2024 class. do they tuck their tails in and send daniel kaelin the "hey bighead" text? is there another qb out there with half of dylan's talent? i'm not sure. no use crying over spilt milk though. we gotta get back on the trail and recruit, recruit, recruit. that's what the big boys do. we put our big boy pants on.

now, we can finally hire a power 5 caliber offensive line coach.