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Monday Night Therapy: Husker Sports Updates, And The Dadgummed Transfer Portal

On this episode of Monday Night Therapy, Todd and I talked about:

Football players in the transfer portal!

  • Casey Thompson - why did he leave? How much will it hurt?
  • Ajay Allen - Todd thinks he was the best running back we had. He’d take Ajay over Rahmir Johnson! This comment had me clutching imaginary pearls as one commenter stated.
  • Stephon Wynn -
  • Richard Torres
  • Logan Smothers

We concluded that Matt Rhule has won the 2023 offseason national champship, crushing all others.

Cayden Becker - a walk-on player who will play TE/H-back at Nebraska transferring in from Wyoming.

NFL Draft

  • Only two Cornhuskers drafted: Ochaun Mathis and Trey Palmer
  • Iowa had some players drafted that they seemed to barely use.
  • Todd believes the reason Green Bay drafted Lukas Van Ness is because his sisters are hot as is his girlfriend, and as influencers they will bring much money to Green Bay.


  • Had their spring game event in Central City
  • 82,000 people bought tickets to watch volleyball in Memorial Stadium
  • There is a discussion of hot volleyball players, which causes me to remember Annie Adamczak


  • Has entered the Jekyll/Hyde part of the season
  • NDSU and Maryland


  • 0-3 vs. Northwestern - ouch!

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