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Five Heart Podcast 322: Matt Rhule, Confidence, And Bryce Benhart in the NFL - Nebraska Football Spring Practice

Oklahoma v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

The first part of this show is Jon talking about cybersecurity because he’s spent most of this week trying to clean up and recover a hacked system. Greg asks, “Why do people hack into [systems]” and I give a fairly detailed explanation of why this happens, along with some examples where bad guys have stolen identities, compromised people, and stolen money.

When you get past that, we start talking about the most important thing Matt Rhule has said yet this spring, which is:

Bryce Benhart as a NFL tackle? I would love to see that.

There’s some banter about the national championship basketball games, and then our surprise guest shows up about 40 minutes into the show.

Ryan Tweedy joins us and will continue to join us as he can, so he’ll be a new addition to the Five Heart Podcast. We will be moving the show to start at 9:00 pm central as Tweedy lives on the West Coast.