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Monday Night Therapy: Caitlin vs Angel, Matt Rhule Taking Over Nebraska And Participation Trophies

LSU v Iowa Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There’s been a whole lot that happened in the past couple days.

The national title game between Iowa and LSU exploded in a discussion about sportsmanship, classlessness, and taunting, as two young women - Iowa’s Caitlin Clark and LSU’s Angel Rose - exhibited behavior that made everyone else go insane.

The officiating was bad! Kim Mulkey was on the floor and grabbed an official, but didn’t get a T!

Todd and I have a long discussion about sportsmanship, taunting, and that damned Keith Duncan. Remember Keith Duncan? Remember how he taunted Nebraska fans with an “after the game” celebration?

Matt Rhule is taking over Nebraska. Here he is at a hockey game. The hockey people were very impressed with his graciousness. He is doing everything right!

Nebraska picked up a new 2024 recruit - Gibson Pyle - offensive lineman from Texas.

Nebraska wrestler Peyton Robb - fighting a very serious illness. He easily could have died, but it appears he’s out of the hospital now.

Todd and I discussed Frank Solich returning for the Nebraska spring game.

Jill Biden comes up with a really dumb idea, one you’d expect from Jill Biden.

The athletic department’s posting of 402 Day spurred a lot of amazingly silly remarks on social media.