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Nebraska Football 2023 Spring Preview: The Wide Receivers

Not a lot of returning production but there are opportunities up and down this group for kids to step up.

Minnesota v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Position Coach: Garret McGuire

Is he the youngest position coach in the country? He might be. As a 24 year old it might be difficult to beat.

However, this isn’t his first time coaching football. He’s the son of a football coach and was on Matt Rhule’s Carolina Panthers’ coaching staff the past two seasons.

It sounds like those who know him aren’t surprised and they expect him to be extremely successful. Matt Rhule even stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if loses McGuire to a job promotion elsewhere. He could be a future superstar.

Who Makes Up the Wide Receiver Room?

Zavier Betts - Sophomore from Bellevue, NE

Betts did not play in 2022 but in 2021 he played in all 12 games and caught 20 passes for 286 yards. Explosive athlete that has come back to play for Matt Rhule.

Cooper Hausmann - Redshirt Freshman from Roca, NE

Billy Kemp IV - Senior from Richmond, VA

The transfer from Virginia played in 50 games and of those he started 25. At Virginia he caught 192 passes for 1,774 yards.

Marcus Washington - Senior from St. Louis, MO

Washington is Nebraska’s leading returning receiver. Last year he started in 10 games and caught 31 passes for 471 yards.

Ty Hahn - Sophomore from Johnson, NE

Barron Miles, Jr. - Sophomore from Montreal, Quebec

Roman Mangini - Redshirt Freshman from Mesa, AZ

Taveon Thompson - Sophomore from Lincoln, NE

Elliott Brown - Sophomore from Omaha, NE

Shawn Hardy II - Sophomore from Kingsland, GA

Isaiah Garcia-Castaneda - Junior from Twentynine Palms, CA

Played in 4 games in 2022 and caught five passes for 120 yards and one touchdown. Four catches and the 120 yards came in one game against Northwestern where Nebraska kicked an onside kick up 11.

Alex Bullock - Sophomore from Omaha, NE

Victor Jones Jr. - Redshirt Freshman from Orlando, FL

Who Is On Their Way to the Roster?

Joshua Fleeks - Senior from Dallas, TX - Transfer from Baylor

Demitiritus Bell - Freshman from Nashville, TN - 3 Star Athlete Recruit

Jeremiah Charles - Freshman from Arlington, TX - 3 Star Recruit

Malachi Coleman - Freshman from Lincoln, NE - 4 Star Recruit

Jaidyn Doss - Freshman from Raymore, MO - 3 Star Recruit

Jaylen Lloyd - Freshman from Omaha, NE - 3 Star Athlete Recruit

Brice Turner - Freshman from Bay City, TX - 3 Star Athlete Recruit

Thoughts on the Wide Receivers for Spring Football

Nebraska loses one of the most prolific wide receivers in school history with Trey Palmer jumping to the NFL.

Marcus Washington is the leading receiver and there are two notable transfers coming as Joshua Fleeks from Baylor and Billy Kemp from Virginia could very likely step in right away. I’ve heard some compare Billy Kemp to Wan’Dale Robinson. We shall see.

There are opportunities abound as they even asked Rahmir Johnson to come over and help this position group out.

Malachi Coleman is waiting in the wings but won’t be able to participate until the fall.

Garret McGuire has his work cut out for him. If he turns this group into something special then Matt Rhule might be right and McGuire might not be here as along as we hope.