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Five Heart Podcast 325: Pure Good Nebraska vs Pure Evil Colorado

Colorado Football Spring Game Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Nebraska had their spring football game/scrimmage this past weekend, so there was much to discuss about that.

Two things I know:

  • Jeff Sims looks like a starter
  • Nebraska’s offensive line has so little depth that you’d damn well better reset your expectations for 2023

Greg and I were joined by Ryan Tweedy for this show, and you can look forward to Tweedy being with us for the duration. It will take a while for us to adjust, but we’ll get there.

We had a lot of discussions on this show, in particular:

  • Ranking Nebraska coaches since Tom Osborne retired.
  • Review of the Nebraska spring game
  • Is baseball a sport?
  • What is Deion Sanders up to at Colorado
  • It never occurred to me until tonight (when we were doing the video), but the fascination by Nebraska fans of Deion Sanders and Colorado really has more to do with our morality (real or perceived) versus their, right?
  • Is Deion Sanders hoping to use Colorado to jump to a higher profile job? (It worked for Mel Tucker)