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Thursday Flakes: Sushi, Music Festivals and the Airplane Call Button

tuna, shrimp and salmon...oh my!

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Another glorious week in Guadalajara in the books. Let’s cut to the chase.

What is your favorite type of sushi? What is your favorite music festival you attended? Have you have you ever pressed a flight attendant call button on an airplane? Where will Trey Palmer get picked in the NFL Draft? Who do you want your NFL team to draft tonight? Plenty of good questions so let’s dive into the comments and enjoy some healthy discussion and banter.


South Dakota State Takes Down Nebraska Baseball 8-3 | Baseball | Corn Nation

“We got our butts kicked tonight,” was the first thing out of Husker head coach Will Bolt following the 8-3 loss to South Dakota State. While the matchup looked to be a potential high scoring affair with the numbers that have been put up by both offenses, it ended up being only the Jackrabbits that truly made an appearance.

Wrestling: Huskers Looking to Make Noise at Senior US Open | Wrestling | Corn Nation

With this year’s US Open winners going on to Final X to wrestle a best-of-three for a World Team spot, the fields are full of the best in the country at every level. At the Senior level, Nebraska has 13 current and former Huskers competing in the field. “We have a lot of guys going. We’ve really trained hard this past month for this,” head coach Mark Manning said. “We’re looking forward to seeing some great results in Vegas.”

Michael Booker III Adjusts to New Linebacker Role Within Nebraska’s New Defense | Football | Hail Varsity

“I love hitting,” Booker said. “I like getting around the ball and as a linebacker I can do that. It’s very physical and I’m a physical person.” The Texas native admitted he’s still adjusting to run stopping. As a corner, the last thing he concerned himself with was stopping the run. As a linebacker it’s his first focus.

Nebraska Recruiting: Husker Coaches Linked to Noteworthy Transfer Portal Entries | Football | Hail Varsity

At the conclusion of the spring game, Nebraska’s scholarship count stood at 98. That number shrunk slightly on Tuesday with initial transfer portal departures. Nebraska needs to be down to 85 scholarships to meet NCAA limits. Rhule was asked specifically about building depth on the offensive line after the Red-White Game. The head coach downplayed the notion.

Padding the Stats: Powerful Pin Play Key to Championship Run in 2023 | Volleyball | Hail Varsity

In order for Nebraska to make another deep postseason run in 2023, the Huskers will need stellar play from a new-look pin-hitter group.

Nebraska Softball’s Mya Felder Balancing Demands in Pursuit of Ph.D. | Volleyball | Lincoln Journal Star

“Softball is paying for school, but school will get you further,” Felder said. “I’ve always had a high value for education. It’s always been a priority. You’re going to find time for what’s important to you and school has always been important and softball’s always been important.”

NU Takes on Illinois in Big Ten Tournament | Men’s Tennis |

The No. 50 ranked Nebraska men’s tennis team (13-9, 5-4 Big Ten) travels to Bloomington Indiana, to take on #24 Illinois in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten Tournament at 10 a.m. CT on Friday morning.

Huskers Earn NCAA Regional Bid | Women’s Golf |

The Nebraska women’s golf team earned its second NCAA Regional bid in the past three seasons, when the Huskers heard their name called as the No. 10 seed in the Raleigh Regional (May 8-10) during the NCAA Selection Show live on The Golf Channel Wednesday afternoon.

Huskers Head to New Jersey for B1G Championships | Men’s Golf |

The Nebraska men’s golf team will head to Galloway, N.J. and Galloway National Golf Club for Big Ten Championships this weekend.


Examining ChatGPT and Generative AI’s Impact on the Travel Sector | Travel | Travel Pulse

In this context, one obvious worry is that this AI could usurp the role of traditional travel agents. Fogel said the it isn’t really intended to replace human interaction. “Travel is fundamentally about connecting people and communities, and that human connection will always play a crucial role in the travel experience.”

These Airlines Are Using AI to Make Long-Haul Flights More Efficient | Travel | Travel + Leisure

Airlines like Air New Zealand and Qantas are using AI-powered software to determine fuel-efficient routes in efforts to prevent having to stop to refuel, Bloomberg reported. The former launched a 17.5-hour flight from New York City to Auckland, New Zealand. The latter plans to launch the longest flights in the world between Sydney to New York and London with its Project Sunrise. The software, which is designed to get better the more it’s used, warns pilots about bad weather, helps them catch a tailwind, and more.

When Is It Okay to Press the Flight Attendant Call Button? | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

Obviously safety always comes first in regards to the call button: If you see something, say something, and if you believe something is unusual, someone is suffering a medical emergency, or a situation appears to be unsafe and potentially could cause an emergency, hit the button and hit it quickly without a second thought.

Alaska Airlines is Getting Rid of Check-In Kiosks | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

The Seattle-based carrier announced that it would start to phase out the self-service computer stations used for printing boarding passes, selecting seats, and checking bags at its five main airports: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Anchorage.

With TSA’s New Bag Scanners, You Won’t Need to Remove Liquids or Electronics to Get Through Security | Travel | Conde Nast Traveler

The scanners use computed tomography technology to produce a 3D, rotatable image of luggage contents, giving security officers a clearer idea of what’s inside each bag. It’s similar to technology that hospitals use in their CT scanners. Because the images are so much more detailed than a traditional X-ray, travelers will not need to remove as many items from their bags.

8 Chill US Music Festivals That Are Worth Traveling For | Travel | Lonely Planet

Often, the best music experiences happen in intimate settings or unique locations ⁠– and the US has these in abundance. If you’re looking to plan a festival trip that will take you away from the chaos, here are some chill music festivals all over the USA.

10 Sustainable Travel Experiences Around the World | Travel | Lonely Planet

Traveling more sustainably isn’t just better for the planet – trips designed to benefit the environment and empower local people also make holidays much more rewarding. To celebrate Earth Day, we have highlighted 10 sustainable adventures around the world.

The ‘Right’ Way to Eat Sushi | Travel | BBC

With the recent spate of sushi pranks that have rocked Japanese society, we set the record straight on the “right way” to eat one of the world’s greatest food delights.

Rio de Janeiro: The “Marvellous City” Welcomes Digital Nomads | Travel | BBC

Launched in January 2022, Brazil’s new Digital Nomad Visa is enticing a new type of traveler to the South American country. And Rio is one of the most alluring spots to settle.

Matthew Henson: America’s Unsung Black Explorer | Travel | BBC

While other explorers may claim credit for discovering the North Pole, an unsung and largely forgotten former sharecropper has as good a case as anyone.

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