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Travis Vokolek NFL Draft Scouting Report

What Will Vokolek’s Potential Be in the NFL

Nebraska v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

As a transfer from Rutgers, Travis Vokolek provided a steady presence at the tight end position the past couple of years for the Huskers. Now Vokolek turns his attention to the NFL. How will he translate? Listed below is my Travis Vokolek NFL Draft Scouting report highlight his strengths, concerns and how he projects.


Height: 6’6

Weight: 259

Hand: 9 ½

Arm: 32 ⅞

Wingspan: 79 ½


Trait Grade: 6.4/10 (Average)

Projection Grade: 5.5/10 (Backup/Special Teams)

Projection: Undrafted Free Agent


  • Shows the strength to hold the point of attack as a blocker
  • Able to find defenders at the second level and block in space
  • Soft hands who catches everything in sight.
  • Displays the body control to be able to adjust to balls thrown outside his frame
  • Understands how to use body to shield defenders while running routes


  • Not an overly sudden or explosive athlete
  • Lacks the speed to stretch the seam
  • Doesn’t possess the quickness in and out of breaks to create separation
  • Not an overpowering run blocker


Travis Vokolek never filled up the stat sheet during his time at Nebraska but he was able to showcase his skill set that will help him in the NFL. At 6’6 and 259 pounds Travis Vokolek has the pro-typical size and skill set of an inline tight end.

Vokolek is at his best as a blocker showcasing his skills both inline and on the move. At the line of scrimmage Vokolek does well to engage with defenders and use his hands and body to initiate contact and anchor in to occupy the defender. Vokolek was routinely used on the move and functioned at times as a pseudo full back. From the H-back position Vokolek was able to get up into the hole to engage with linebackers and to help spring running backs for chunk gains.

As a receiving Vokolek lackes the speed to push the seam or the short area burst to create separate at the top of his stem. However Vokolek was very effective for the Husker offense has he gave quarterback Casey Thompson a reliable safety value to help move the chains. Vokolek used his size well to seal off defenders and showcase soft hands and a good catching radius to go and get the ball.


Lacking good athletic traits it will be unlikely that Travis Vokolek will hear his name called in the 2023 NFL Draft. Chances are that Vokolek will be an undrafted free agent but should be signed shortly after the draft. Vokolek has all the makings of a team’s third tight end and a special teams contributor, while potentially haven an impact much like former Husker tight end Jack Stoll.