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What I’m watching for in the Nebraska Red-White Spring Football Game

Northwestern v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Here’s a list of what I’ll be watching at the 2023 Nebraska football Red-White spring game. Let’s see some comments about what all y’all want to see?

#1 – Jeff Sims at quarterback

It’s always about the quarterbacks isn’t it.?

This will be our first chance to see Sims’ athleticism in a beloved Husker uniform. Is he as advertised? Can he be a valid starter for a team that we hope wins plenty of games this coming season?

Is he an accurate passer when he’s standing in the pocket or on the run? That’s not an either/or question. Can he perform well as a passer, hitting a five-yard out when it’s needed for a first down or is he going to be a YOLO dude that hopes to hit the big guy all the time?

#2 – Heinrich Haarburg at quarterback

Second verse, same as the first!

Like I said it’s always about the quarterbacks. Heinrich Haarburg was all but dismissed by the previous coaching staff. Whether he didn’t fit into what they wanted or they were complete door knobs is a matter of discussion, and keep in mind choosing both could be correct.

It is assumed that the starting in back up rules are between Casey Thompson and Jeff Sims. That might be a poor assumption. Haarburg has a lot of physical tools, it is a matter of whether or not he can fit into this off fence or he can develop those tools or his coaching staff see some value in him and uses him in specific packages to confound opposing defenses this fall.

I’d like to see Harper or get some shot at quarterback to see what he can do. I’m interested to see how far he’s come. I know this is a glorified scrimmage, but it seems to be tackle football with pressure.

#3– The offensive and defensive lines

I am obligated to say something about the offensive and defensive line as these are the two weakest points on a team that desperately needs them to be much better in order to win games this fall.

I don’t think you can see much sitting in the stands or in a press box or wherever you are without going back and looking at the game later.

All I Hope is that we have no injuries in either of these position groups during this glorified scrimmage.

#Four – the crowd

I went to the spring game last year and the most notable thing I noticed what is the crowds reaction to the first half of touch football. Everyone sat in the stand as if their dog had just been killed. The biggest tear was for a punt. We should’ve all taken it as a sign of things to come but we were too hopeful at the time.

I am interested to see how the crowd reacts to what we’re going to see today. Does it matter in the game of football? No probably not, although crowds do provide energy to their teams when they’re on the field during home games. Or games at Northwestern which we take over.

I’m interested in finding out in person what husker fans think of what’s happening in Lincoln.

#5 – What the offense might look like

Matt Rhule cannot afford to waste time running plays you’re not going to run in the fall just because somebody somewhere might see something on film. What matters is execution, and by that you’re going to run as a many repetitions as possible so everyone understands what they’re doing.

I expect that what we see today will be generally what we will see in the fall.

Will there be options?

Will there be counters?

Will there be a full back trap? (!!!!!!!!!)

Will be there be stuff we can argue about for the next few months as we prepare for the fall?

Don’t discount this last point. Husker fans won’t stop talking about football.

What will we see that we’ll talk about for the next few months?