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Friday Flakes: Frank Solich is Meeting with the Nebraska Media this Afternoon

NCAA Football: MAC Championship-Western Michigan at Ohio Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

If you had one opportunity to travel back into time where would you go?

Would you plot to kill baby Hitler?

Would you go back to the time of Jesus?

Maybe you would go back to a time in high school where you wish you didn’t tell that one girl that you liked her when she obviously didn’t feel the same.

I know what I would do. I would go back to 2016 to place some money on the Chicago Cubs AND I would find my 2016 self and give him a little heads up about the future.

2023 Me: “Hey, place a huge bet on the Cubs this year. I know you think they’ll just break your heart again but I promise they will win the World Series.”

2016 Me: “I believe you. Why would you lie?”

2023 Me: “Oh ya. Also, in 2023 Frank Solich is going to come back for the Nebraska Spring Game, and he is even meeting with the Nebraska media the day before the game.”

2016 Me: “Get the f*** out of here. Leave. I’m serious. That would never happen.”

Yep, that’s how it all would probably go down if I had my time machine.

Not only did the Cubs win the World Series in 2016 but it’s true that Frank Solich is meeting with the Nebraska media this afternoon.

From the email sent to the media yesterday:

We will have a brief media opportunity (10-15 minutes) with Coach Frank Solich at approximately 1:45 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

Life Hack

Let me know if you try this. I might give it a shot.


Nebraska offers OT Coen Echols during visit to Lincoln
Katy (Texas) offensive tackle Coen Echols was on a visit to Nebraska on Tuesday. The three-star OT came away from the visit with not only a better understanding of what it might be like to be a Husker, but picked up an opportunity to join them. Echols says that he will visit Nebraska again.

The 3-2-1: Nebraska's Red-White weekend continues to get bigger
A lot is going on between the Red-White spring game, the recruiting weekend and Frank Solich’s return to Lincoln.

We hit on that and more in this week’s 3-2-1 column with three things we learned, ask two questions, and make one prediction.

Why Bijan Robinson could break the NFL draft's running back bias
IT'S LATE MARCH, one month until the 2023 NFL draft, and Bijan Robinson is in South Philadelphia, tucked into an office in the Eagles' practice facility with one of his potential future bosses: Howie Roseman, the team's general manager. Robinson is the best running back in this year's draft -- the space between the former Longhorn and his peers is, conservatively, Texas-sized -- but Roseman has one request:

Pitch me, he says. Why do I need to take you at No. 10?

Diamondbacks noncommittal on Madison Bumgarner's future with team
Madison Bumgarner's future with the Arizona Diamondbacks appears uncertain after another rough outing by the veteran pitcher.

Diamondbacks manager Torey Lovullo offered a noncommittal response when asked about the franchise's plan for Bumgarner, whose ERA ballooned to 10.26 with Wednesday's 14-5 loss to the Cardinals.

NFLPA - New injury data shows grass 'significantly safer' than turf
Noncontact injuries for NFL players occurred at a higher rate on artificial turf compared to grass during the 2022 regular season, according to data released this week by the NFL Players Association.

Oakland A's agree to purchase land near Las Vegas Strip
The Oakland Athletics have signed a binding agreement to purchase land near the Las Vegas Strip, where they intend to construct a major league ballpark, team president Dave Kaval said Wednesday night.

Major League Baseball has a sticky stuff enforcement problem
Think back to two years ago, when you first snickered at the idea of a sticky balls controversy in Major League Baseball. Without rehashing the specifics and without making any assumption about intent, the broad strokes of the issue were: Applying foreign substances to baseballs has always been prohibited; however, pitchers generally require some sort of additional tackiness to get a good grip. The rules relating to sticky stuff had gone unenforced for decades, allowing a creeping increase in usage that became tactically beneficial with a better understanding of how spin rates impact pitches.

Here are the 'concerns' Brady Quinn has heard from NFL teams about C.J. Stroud
Brady Quinn has heard concerns about former Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud heading into the 2023 NFL draft.

In an interview for CBS Sports' "Pick Six Podcast" the former Notre Dame quarterback, current Fox Sports college football analyst and Columbus, Ohio native said he still thinks Stroud will be the No. 2 quarterback off the board, but that NFL teams have a "few things" that are concerning about Stroud.


The age of average — Alex Murrell
In the early 1990s, two Russian artists named Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid took the unusual step of hiring a market research firm. Their brief was simple. Understand what Americans desire most in a work of art.

Over 11 days the researchers at Marttila & Kiley Inc. asked 1,001 US citizens a series of survey questions.

What’s your favourite colour? Do you prefer sharp angles or soft curves? Do you like smooth canvases or thick brushstrokes? Would you rather figures that are nude or clothed? Should they be at leisure or working? Indoors or outside? In what kind of landscape?

Komar and Melamid then set about painting a piece that reflected the results. The pair repeated this process in a number of countries including Russia, China, France and Kenya.

Each piece in the series, titled “People’s Choice”, was intended to be a unique a collaboration with the people of a different country and culture.

But it didn’t quite go to plan.

Just Because I Feel Like It