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Nebraska Football 2023 Spring Preview: The Linebackers

There are injuries. There is potential. There is a new defense. What will we find out this spring from the linebackers?

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Barbara J. Perenic/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Position Coach: Rob Dvoracek

Another position coach who has a long history with Matt Rhule. He was on the Carolina Panther’s coaching staff the past two seasons with Rhule. He also coached with Rhule in Baylor and also played for Rhule while at Temple.

Who Makes Up the Linebacker Room?

#10 Jimari Butler - Sophomore from Mobile, AL

#14 Chief Borders - Sophomore from Chicago, IL - Transfer from Florida

#19 Kaine Williams - Sophomore from Marrero, LA

#28 Luke Reimer - Senior from Lincoln, NE

#30 Randolph Kpai - Sophomore from Sioux Falls, SD

#32 Mikai Gbayor - Sophomore from Irvington, N.J.

#35 John Bullock - Junior from Omaha, NE

#41 Garrett Snodgrass - Junior from York, NE

#42 Nick Henrich - Junior from Omaha, NE

#43 Michael Booker III - Sophomore from Grand Prairie, TX

#46 Grant Buda - Sophomore from Lincoln, NE

#48 MJ Sherman - Junior from Baltimore, MD - Transfer from Georgia

#52 Seth Malcom - Sophomore from Tabor, IA

#54 Korver Demma - Freshman from Gretna, NE

#56 Grant Tagge - Junior from Omaha, NE

#75 Maverick Noonan - Freshman from Omaha, NE

Who Will Be Joining At A Later Time?

Eric Fields - Freshman from Ardmore, OK

Dylan Rogers - Freshman from Cypress TX

Thoughts on the Linebackers for Spring Football

I am excited about this group though it’s not from a source of expected production. It is from a source of who knows what we are actually getting from these guys in the spring.

Essentially the starting four linebackers from last year’s squad are not here this spring. Heinrich and Reimer are injured and Garrett Nelson and Caleb Tannor are trying to get drafted into the NFL.

So where does that leave us?

Well two big time transfers from SEC schools sure helps. Chief Borders and MJ Sherman have been making some noise this spring. Both are great athletes but you always wonder about a transfer who was not getting a lot of opportunities at their prior team on the field.

If they are unleashed then we probably have some of the best athletes at that position that we have had a for a while.

The one player this spring we can probably count on is Jimari Butler. I’ve been on the Jimari Butler bandwagon for a while now. I think he has an opportunity to be really good at this level.

Another name that’s been popping up that we might not have expected is John Bullock. The walk-on from Omaha is starting to look like he might want a scholarship at some point before he graduates. It would be a great story.

The defense as a whole is shifting from a 4-3 to a 3-4 so there will be opportunities for many of these guys to get looks.

The question we all should have is if any of these guys can be a menace as a pass rusher. We haven’t had a double digit sack pass rusher since Randy Gregory and that was a decade ago.

Here’s hoping we can get some of these guys unleashed.