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Monday Flakes: Sweeps for Softball and Baseball and Spring Game Anticipation

Plus, is 56 too old to play college baseball? (No, it is not.)

University of Nebraska Athletic Department

Happy Monday Corn Nation! I hope you had a good weekend.

The baseball and softball teams earned sweeps over Northwestern and Indiana respectively. Not a bad day on the diamond.

We are only a few days away from the spring game. Who’s going? What are you hoping to see during the game?

Corn Flakes

7 Home Runs Launch Nebraska Baseball to Sweep and First Place in the B1G - Corn Nation
The 7-2 conference record puts the Big Red a half-game up on Indiana.

Goehle Eager to Pursue Next Mission - University of Nebraska
Nebraska women’s basketball assistant coach Tom Goehle is retiring from his position with the Huskers to pursue full-time mission work - a passion he has had off

Nebraska football: Casey Thompson vs. Jeff Sims QB battle just getting started
Transfer Jeff Sims takes the upper hand in Nebraska’s QB competition as incumbent Casey Thompson rehabs from shoulder surgery. But new coach Matt Rhule won’t likely announce a victor for another couple of months.

Former Royal Bubba Starling finds peace after finding his way through anguishing career
Hard as it often was, former Royal Bubba Starling got a lot from his baseball career ... including learning how to deal with the “demons” that got in his head.

Huskers sweep series against Indiana
Nebraska softball earned the series sweep after winning 4-2 in the second game of a doubleheader against Indiana

Nebraska football recruiting is about to be forced into big changes
Nebraska football recruiting and college sports recruiting, in general, is going to have a rather big change forced upon it with a recent rule change.

This headline is a bit misleading. Everyone is going to have to adjust to this rule change.

Husker Men’s Gymnasts Finish Fifth in NCAA Finals - University of Nebraska
day 2


Spanish climber emerges after 500 days in cave | CBC News
A 50-year-old Spanish extreme athlete who spent 500 days living 70 metres deep in a cave outside Granada with no contact with the outside world has told how the time flew by.

Baseball no longer the timeless game as pitch clock shaves 30 minutes off 9-inning game | CBC Sports
A series of rule changes have pumped much-needed life into Major League Baseball games and produced a product that analysts say make the sport vastly more enjoyable and watchable for both casual and diehard fans.

56-Year-Old Man Is Achieving His Dream of Playing College Baseball
Jim Fullan, 56, is chasing his lifelong dream of playing college baseball. He is a member of the Montgomery County Community College Mustangs in Pennsylvania.

Reading That Makes You Smarter

(Not Guaranteed)

Highway Star | The Life of a Female Truck Driver | Meg Bernhard

Ancient European winemaking tradition using qvevri revived in Tasmania - ABC News
People have been making wine this way for at least 8,000 years in Europe, and a Tasmanian vineyard is now giving it a shot.

Dril Is Everyone. More Specifically, He’s a Guy Named Paul. - The Ringer
The poet laureate of shitposting used to be anonymous. Not anymore.

The Flannan Isle Mystery: What Happened To Three Lighthouse Keepers 123 Years Ago? | IFLScience
Three men went out on a dark night in 1900 and were never seen again. What happened to these three mariners?

Maine museum offers $25K reward for meteorite fragments : NPR
The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is looking for meteorites from a rare fireball event near the Maine-Canada border. It's willing to pay anyone who can find them.

An Oregon driver who threw $100 bills out of his car wanted to gift the money : NPR
The Oregon State Police said no criminal charges were being considered against Colin Davis McCarthy, 38, of Eugene.

The Weekly Dump

Fish poop ‘probiotic’ could help stressed corals recover from bleaching
Scientists have discovered that the feces of coral-biting fish is brimming with beneficial symbionts. If scientists could get stressed-out coral to take them on board, essentially a ‘poop transplant,’ it may help reverse some forms of coral bleaching.