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Monday Night Therapy: Nebraska Baseball, Bowling, and Football Updates

Jon Johnston

I begin by talking about something most of you don’t care about - the NCAA Hockey national title game between Minnesota and Quinnipiac. Minnesota had the title in their hands and lost it 10 seconds into OT.

It was truly a shock for the Gophers, and it lead into a conversation the Big Ten has with winning national titles. The conference has ALL the money, but not the titles to go with it.


Nebraska Baseball Update!

Nebraska wins a nice series vs Michigan on the road. They were impressive in doing so. Michigan isn’t a cake walk.

Baseball Guy Are Big Ten Players Of the Week!

  • Max Anderson — Player of the week
  • Emmett Olson — Pitcher of the week

Here are the current Big Ten baseball standings:

Nebraska Bowling to off to perhaps win a national title this weekend.

Look at the RPIs of Nebraska baseball’s upcoming opponents:

Dylan Raiola - update

He hasn’t committed yet. Everyone is experiencing burnout.

What is everyone wanting to see in the spring game

We had a discussion about what everyone wants to see in the spring game. Or rather, what everyone will cheer for the loudest?

Todd votes for an offensive lineman pulling and knocking someone on their ass. That’s a pretty good answer.