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Will Dylan Raiola be a Husker?

Will he? WILL HE?????????

Will he???





Lol idk.

But on a serious note, Dylan Raiola is the #1 player in the country & one of the most highly acclaimed recruits in the modern era. He draws comparisons to Pat Mahomes & it makes sense. He is that special.

A few weeks ago, he attended a Nebrasketball game, and like the great Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, you could be quiet for a second as they were chanting his name! The entire football coaching staff visited him in Arizona back in January as well. We are clearly treating him as a priority. He talks highly of us in interviews. His former top schools (Ohio State & UGA) have begun recruiting other QBs.

Then there's USC.

The Fighting Lincoln Rileys have been a thorn in his recruitment for a while now. Of course, we all know why. Lincoln Riley has coached 3 Heisman winners & consistently produces one of the most high-octane offenses in the country. Dylan talks just as highly of USC as he does Nebraska & inductive reasoning leads me to believe that his top 2 schools are USC and Nebraska.

In-state QB Daniel Kaelin is a great player & in any other class, I would be going all-out to get him in the Scarlet & Cream. However, the Kaelin family has read the writing on the wall & it looks like he is surveying other options, with seemingly little resistance.

Would Matt Rhule do this if he didn't have a better prospect lined up?