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Monday Night Therapy: Husker Football Updates, Baseball, Wrestling, and Men’s Basketball

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NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Todd didn’t show up on time, so I started without him!

It was a great week for our beloved Huskers.

Nebrasketball got a win over Iowa, as Nebraska swept them in basketball for the first time ever. It was great fun, although I nearly passed out while watching it on my phone while attending the baseball game against Ole Miss.

Baseball had a decent weekend at the Cambria Classic in Minnesota, beating Vanderbilt and Hawaii, but losing to Ole Miss on Sunday.

Nebraska wrestling took third in the Big Ten Wrestling Tournament, and Silas Allred became Nebraska’s first champion since 2015.

Softball had a good weekend, beating #16 Arizona, and going 5-0 at the Hillenbrand Invitational.

And the women’s bowling team won the Big Red Invitational tournament.


Then there’s Iowa.

$4M to be paid in Iowa football discrimination suit; Kirk Ferentz ‘disappointed’ in result

I admit that Iowa lives rent-free in my head. I am awestruck at the stupidity of their athletic department. This is the FOURTH lawsuit settled under Gary Barta, and this one is partially paid with state funds to the tune of $2M.

Check this:

Reaction to the settlement began early Monday, with Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand, one of the three appeal board members, saying he would vote against using taxpayer funds for the settlement unless Iowa athletics director Gary Barta was ousted.

Kirk Ferentz says:

“The settlement negotiations took place between the plaintiffs’ counsel and the Iowa Attorney General’s Office, which represents the University of Iowa and the Board of Regents,” Ferentz said. “These discussions took place entirely without the knowledge or consent of the coaches who were named in the lawsuit. In fact, the parties originally named disagree with the decision to settle, fully believing that the case would have been dismissed with prejudice before trial.

Yes, Kirk Ferentz knows better than lawyers.

Hey, maybe he’s right. He’s been smart enough to keep his son employed, skirting nepotism laws.

Does Iowa live rent free in my head? YES, because I can’t stop being amazed at their stupidity. This isn’t something you defend because “DERP DERP DERP, THEY’RE MY TEAM DERP DERP DERP.” This is something you should be embarrassed by.

Not Iowa, apparently. That would take a level of awareness they fail to possess.

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