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Five Heart Podcast 321: Frank Solich Returns To Break The Curse!

MAC Championship - Western Michigan v Ohio Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

After a week off because Jon didn’t know what do with Greg on vacation...WE’RE BACK!

Spring football is going with a few practices a week, so we get caught up on all the happenings from Matt Rhule’s first off-season at the helm of Nebraska football.

One of the biggest announcements recently - Frank Solich is set to return to Nebraska and be honored at the 2023 Spring Game!

There is plenty of talk about how having Frank invited back and how that will “break the curse” that’s surrounded Nebraska football the past 20 years.

We devote a fair amount of time to this topic - whether there’s an actual curse, and what it really means that Frank is returning to Nebraska.

We discussed Nebraska’s new offense, and our offensive line in particular.

Then There’s This:

Which spurred a lot of discussion, as did this tweet:

Our commenters were heavily involved in our show, with plenty of questions, so much that Greg started calling them “Chatterfields”, a play on our new offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield.