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Five Heart Podcast 318: Nebraska Basketball, Spring Game Attendance and a new Memorial Stadium?

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick joined me at the beginning of the “Five Heart Podcast” where we discussed Nebraska basketball. We talked about their disappointing loss to Michigan State, their upcoming game against Iowa, and the future of the program under Coach Fred Hoiberg.

Later, Greg joined us and we continued our sports discussion. We spent a lot of time talking about whether or not Nebraska would break attendance records at this year’s spring game. I confidently predicted that the attendance would reach the hundred thousand mark, even suggesting that people might resort to stuffing others into their pants in order to fit more fans in.

We also explored the possibility of a new stadium to replace Memorial Stadium and discussed the implications of the ACC’s addition of Florida State as well as the future of the Pac 12 after USC and UCLA depart.

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