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Nebraska Football 2023 Spring Preview: The Offense

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Every spring we take a look at Nebraska’s football team.

We start by doing an overview of the offense.

The new offensive coordinator, Marcus Satterfield, has 24 years of coaching experience, with 12 years as an offensive coordinator. Satterfield plans to implement a pro-style offense with a physical run game and a vertical passing attack.

He is also considering the use of a fullback and interchangeable positions for receivers, running backs, and tight ends. The team has several strong quarterbacks, a deep running back room, and an array of receivers - the skill positions look pretty good, deep and talented.

The offensive line, however... that’s the key to the 2023 football season. A lot of offensive linemen have left the team. I wish them the best in whatever their future holds.

There is a decent core that is still with our beloved Huskers. Noureden Nouili returns after serving a year suspension. Teddy Prochaska and Turner Corcoran are back, as is Bryce Benhart. Ben Scott is a transfer from Arizona State, while Jacob Hood joins the team from Georgia. Those are the the key figures.

Somewhere, somehow, this coaching staff has to build a decent offensive line out of these guys. Nebraska has an abundance of skill position players, not so much offensive linemen. It will be a challenge.


I believe Nebraska’s offense will have a good 2023 season if the two following things happen:

  • Nebraska’s offensive linemen learn how to pull and do it often
  • Nebraska’s offensive linemen learn how to block a twist

I’d like to hear your takes on what you think it will require for Nebraska’s offense to be successful this season!