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Monday Night Therapy: 90s Nebraska Football and Lawrence Phillips with guest Paul Koch

No Place Like Nebraska Anatomy of an Era

Paul Koch joined Todd and I for a guest episode of Monday Night Therapy. Paul was a member of the Nebraska strength and conditioning staff from 1987-1996. He is the author of “No Place Like Nebraska - Anatomy Of An Era” which I profiled in a video recently.

Paul talked about what it was like being a member of the staff during the greatest run of Nebraska football. He relates what strength and conditioning can do for a team, how it got started at Nebraska,

Getting players motivated to do their workouts was a difficult task, even when they knew it would ultimately benefit them. It was a special group of coaches and players that made the greatness of the 90s come about and Paul was there to tell us about it.

He also talked about his relationship with Lawrence Phillips, as he was one of the few people who stayed in touch with Phillips after his incarceration.

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