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Wrestling: Minus Three Starters, Huskers Still Comfortably Down Boilermakers

No. 10 Nebraska defeats Purdue 22-12 with three of its best wrestlers taking the night off to rest

Lenny Pinto vs Jon Halvorsen
Nebraska’s No. 15 Lenny Pinto, seen here during a dual against Northwestern, won his third-straight match Saturday at Purdue.
Dylan Guenther / Corn Nation

One day after downing No. 21 Illinois 27-19 in Champaign, the Huskers took out another Big Ten foe in Purdue on their home mat.

Nebraska chose not to wrestle three of its best wrestlers but still managed a 22-12 dual win. Sitting on the bench were Liam Cronin (No. 3 at 125 pounds), Peyton Robb (No. 1 at 157) and Mikey Labriola (No. 2 at 164). Filling in for them were Jacob Van Dee, Antrell Taylor and Elise Brown Ton, respectively.

With the win, Nebraska is now 9-3 on the season.

Match-By-Match Breakdown

*FloWrestling individual rankings used

165 pounds

The dual started here at 165 pounds, and Nebraska’s Bubba Wilson was able to get his first Big Ten dual win of the year against Purdue’s Cooper Noehre.

Wilson scored a takedown in the first period then added an escape to start the second to go up 3-1. In the third period, Wilson gave up an escape to Noehre while also giving up a point for stalling, tying the match 3-3. Wilson then scored a takedown before giving up an escape, holding on for a 5-4 decision win.

Wilson is now 10-10 on the season with the win.

Team Score: Nebraska 3, Purdue 0

174 pounds

Taking the mat for the resting Labriola was Elise Brown Ton taking on Purdue’s Macartney Parkinson. The Husker sophomore scored first with a takedown before giving up an escape and adding another takedown for a 4-1 lead.

Brown Ton added to his lead with a second-period takedown on the way to a 6-3 decision win over Parkinson.

With the win, the Husker backup improves to 19-2 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 6, Purdue 0

184 pounds

Nebraska’s No. 15 Lenny Pinto continues his hot streak as he took out Purdue’s Ben Vanadia for his third-straight conference win.

Pinto started fast with an immediate takedown before adding another in the first period to go up 4-1. Pinto then started the second period with an escape before running through Vanadia for a big takedown. Another second-period takedown and ride-out put Pinto in the lead 9-2.

Vanadia then scored an escape, but Pinto added another takedown and the riding-time point to get the 12-3 major decision win.

Pinto racked up 3:32 in riding time and improves to 13-7 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 10, Purdue 0

197 pounds

Just one day after pinning No. 9 Zac Braunagel of Illinois, Nebraska’s No. 12 Silas Allred got his second stick in as many days over Purdue’s Hayden Filipovich.

Wrestling in the first period, Allred was able to quickly take down Filipovich. Allred then was able to run an arm bar before getting Filipovich turned over for the pinfall win in 1:20.

With the win, Allred is now 19-5 on the season.

Team Score: Nebraska 16, Purdue 0

285 pounds

Facing a major size disadvantage, Nebraska’s Cale Davidson did an admirable job against Purdue’s Hayden Copass.

Copass used his superior size and length to collect a takedown in all three periods on the way to an 8-2 win over Davidson.

With the loss, Davidson is now 8-14 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 16, Purdue 3

125 pounds

With Cronin taking the night off, Nebraska sent out true freshman Jacob Van Dee to face off against Purdue’s No. 4 Matt Ramos.

Facing a tall task against such a good opponent, we found out a lot about Van Dee who figures to be the starter next season for the Huskers at 125. We found out that he can stay in the match against some of the best in the country.

Van Dee started the match by shooting before Ramos caught him on a go-behind for a takedown. Van Dee then earned an escape.

In the second period, Van Dee tied things up with an escape before Ramos got another takedown. Van Dee again got an escape, cutting the deficit to 4-3.

In the third, Van Dee started on top and put on a hard ride before eventually giving up an escape to Ramos, dropping the match via 5-3 decision.

With the loss, Van Dee is now 10-4 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 16, Purdue 6

133 pounds

Nebraska’s Kyle Burwick took the mat against Purdue’s Dustin Norris.

Burwick started the match with a single-leg that he elevated up over his shoulder. Eventually, Burwick was able to dump the much-taller Norris for a takedown before riding out the rest of the period.

Burwick notched another takedown in the second period to go up 4-0 before giving up a late escape going into the third.

Norris was able to get a late takedown in the third period, cutting the Burwick lead to 4-3. Norris looked to have Burwick in trouble in a tilt, seemingly putting Burwick near his back, but the referees didn’t call back points, so the Husker walked away with a 5-3 decision win.

With the win, Burwick is now 11-5 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 19, Purdue 6

141 pounds

Nebraska’s No. 4 Brock Hardy took out No. 16 Parker Filius in the dual’s only matchup between ranked opponents.

Hardy took Filius down in the first period before adding an escape point in the second to go up 3-0. Hardy then rode out Filius for the entire third period to get the riding-time point and the 4-0 decision win.

With the win, Hardy is now 22-3.

Team Score: Nebraska 22, Purdue 6

149 pounds

Without starter Dayne Morton, Nebraska turned to redshirt freshman Blake Cushing as he took on Purdue’s Jaden Reynolds.

Reynolds struck first with a takedown, but Cushing scored back-to-back escapes and a takedown to go up 4-2 in the second period. Reynolds then got away for an escape to end the second period before adding another escape point in the third to tie the match at 4-4, sending it to sudden-victory overtime.

Cushing shot in the overtime period and looked to be in good position to score, but instead Reynolds came out in the end of the scramble for the takedown and the 6-4 win over Cushing.

With the loss, Cushing is now 10-4 on the year.

Team Score: Nebraska 22, Purdue 9

157 pounds

Facing No. 7 Kendall Coleman, Nebraska elected not to send out No. 1 Peyton Robb, who already has a 7-3 win over the senior Boilermaker. Instead, Nebraska sent out true freshman Antrell Taylor to take on the Purdue All-American.

Coleman started fast with a throw-by for a takedown, but Taylor scored an escape and seemed to acclimate quickly to Coleman’s strength and speed. In the second period, Coleman scored an escape to start before securing a takedown to go up 5-1 over Taylor.

In the third period, Coleman was called once for locked hands, giving Taylor a point. Taylor also secured an escape while Coleman added the riding-time point, giving him a 6-3 decision win over Taylor.

Taylor is now 10-5 on the year with this dual his fifth competition of the season as Nebraska keeps him in redshirt.

Team Score: Nebraska 22, Purdue 12

What’s Next for Nebraska?

Nebraska travels Friday to face No. 4 Ohio State at 6 p.m. The dual will air on the Big Ten Network.