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Five Heart Podcast 314: NIL and NSD

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Nebraska Dylan Widger-USA TODAY Sports

Well, accidents happen.

This episode, we were supposed to focus on the newest crop of Cornhusker signees. After all, it was National Signing Day!

But the conversation quickly turned towards Name-Image-Likeness, from Nick Saban and Alabama refusing to pay to prospective Roll Tide’rs a sum of $1,300,000 (and I believe get one of their girlfriends into law school) to the Florida recruit and the $13,000,000 deal that was undone. Mostly it’s about how out front Nebraska is with its NIL, between the NIL collectives, the administration, and the coaching staff. We have no doubt that there’s a NIL Coordinator or two on Matt Rhule’s staff to help keep an eye on the ever-changing landscape of Name-Image-Likeness.

We do talk about the young men who signed on NSD, making an incoming group of almost 40 to Rhule’s first season. We anticipate attrition after Spring football. But with the NIL money, maybe we can keep some kids on as walk-on status. After all, Rhule says it’s his hope to see each of the players get something from NIL. So buy that Pipeline Jerky!

We were going to talk about men’s basketball briefly, but in the almost 90 minute show, we didn’t have time. We had to make time to make fun of Iowa.

So enjoy the episode, and if you do, thank the folks who watch live. And then join us next time.