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Five Heart Podcast 317: Fred and Co. Keep It Interesting

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Nebraska Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

This week on the Five Heart Podcast, Greg and Jon discuss the continued magic that is Fred Hoiberg and the Nebraska Men’s Basketball team.

Nebrasketall has been playing a lot better lately, which means “they are winning” and the team is very fun to watch. They have three games left in the regular season - Minnesota at home, Michigan State at Iowa, and they finish the season at Iowa.

How well will they do?

It depends on 2 or 3 specific issues each game. We discuss them.

There is an announcement tomorrow about a major event that will take place at Memorial Stadium in the fall. We speculate about what it might be.

I have speculated the following on twitter already:

  • They are announcing the Tom Ozdome
  • Weird Al and/or Dolly Parton in concert
  • They will announce the most important thing of all - the appearance of a winning Nebraska football team
  • Some have speculated it’s a large volleyballpalooza to set the NCAA attendance records AND KEEP THEM FOREVER

What will Big Ten Scheduling look like in a couple years?

We discuss this.

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