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Five Heart Podcast 316: Husker Departures, Nebrasketball Surging, Baseball Begins

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Listen to me!

I have honestly replaced every bit of equipment I’ve been using to do these videos. Last week I went out and bought a brand new Mac Studio. I have new mics, new camera, and I’m still trying to get my crap together.

So, honestly, this one starts a little rough, then it gets going.

Greg and I talk about:

  • Nebrasketball - wins over Wisconsin and Rutgers have things looking up for the men’s basketball team
  • Major League Baseball rules changes (believe it or not, we went here)
  • Husker football roster changes - Alante Brown and Hunter Anthony are gone, along with quite a few walk-ons. Why is this good?
  • Husker baseball starts this week against San Diego
  • Did Scott Frost learn anything? - It’s a question from a commenter. We discuss it.