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Monday Night Therapy: Super Bowl, The NFL IS RIGGED, Husker Updates, Baseball Begins

Super Bowl LVII - Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It was time for another Monday Night Therapy Session!

Todd, Aaron (Brutus) and I got together and discussed the biggest and best about sports this week.

Did you know the NFL is rigged?

If you didn’t know it before you certainly know it now.

Did you know Rihanna got more viewers for her halftime show than the Super Bowl itself? It’s true! Around 118M watched Rihanna, while only 113M watched the Super Bowl. Why? BECAUSE THOSE 5M people know the game was rigged and weren’t going to bother watching!

We give you a Husker sports update.

Nebraska MBB knocked off Wisconsin. Nebraska softball’s Courtney Wallace was Big Ten pitcher of the week. The wrestling team won their duals against Ohio State and Rutgers.

And because baseball starts this week, we’ll discuss what we think of Nebraska’s team this season, Big Ten baseball, the Big Ten Conference’s lack of give-a-shit about the sport, and what might happen when USC and UCLA join the conference.