Pondering a Portal QB

I’ve got a bit of a perverted mind. Well, I’m a man so that’s a given. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about a portal quarterback in terms of seeking a romantic partner. What type of partner would you prefer to pull from the portal?

1. Lifelong: This is the person you will totally commit to and vice versa. This person will be your everything. The relationship is based on a true desire to spend time together. You know this person's flaws but accept them, even embrace them. Even after the physical relationship ends, the relationship will continue. This person will continue to be at your side, go to events with you, and attend family reunions. History will tie you to this person eternally. But, life is not a fairy tale. While the relationship is memorable, there is no guarantee you will make history.

2. Committed: This is the person you will devote yourself to but never make the full commitment. You might cohabitate but never marry. You will do things together and present a true partnership to each other and externally. However, that lack of a binding commitment lets you both know that each is keeping the door open, even if only a sliver, in case this doesn’t work out or #1 happens to enter your life.

3. Dating: This is the person you are fond of. You spend time together but everyone knows it is new and no one knows for sure where it will go. Things are new with each other and that brings some thrills. However, you also learn about each other’s weaknesses as time passes and this can cause some tension. Neither of you knows if this will work out but you want to have some fun seeing if it will.

4. One-night-stand: This is the person you use one time to satisfy your current needs. You both know it isn’t going anywhere but just want to use each other in the short term. It is quick and free but you will get what you get with anything that is quick and free.

5. Prostitute: This is the person who can satisfy all your needs but you have to pay for it. All relationships have costs and benefits but this person is demanding money up front. This person knows some tricks, has some real experience, and might even show you some things you’ve never seen before. You both know this is a business transaction, but you are both okay with it. After all, it is just business.

5a: Call girl: This is a prostitute that gives you more and you are absolutely enamored with this person’s physical attributes. However, you need to pay more. You might need to tap into some reserves. But, you will catch peoples' attention when you go out into public with this person. Those who like to rate others might give a better rating based on what this person does and looks like.

Who do you choose?

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