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Big Ten Football Rankings - End of the Regular Season Edition

It was a wild ride

Syndication: USA TODAY Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

That was fun.

Well, maybe not for us Husker fans but overall it was a fairly entertaining regular season.

All in all, it kind of ended how we expected.

There’s a lot of bad in here, a lot.

Lucky for us, we have Oregon and Washington coming into the conference next season to boost us up.

I’d say USC and UCLA but you’re both looking like middle of the pack type programs now.

At least they will bring eyes to the TV, right?

So yeah, most of this conference has a lot to work on in the offseason. It was a big 3 (kind of) versus the rest for all of the season. No one is close to what Michigan, OSU, or even Penn State brings to the table.

Hopefully, some of these programs are doing what they need to do to bridge that gap. Others, you really just want to get to competitive because a lot of this conference isn’t.

Am I saying this to be a hater?

No, not at all. But the FBS landscape has changed and is continuing to change dramatically. If you don’t have what it takes to solidify yourself as a decent team, you might be left in the dust for the foreseeable future.

So, with that said, I give you the final Big Ten Football Rankings of the year.

1. Michigan (13-0 Overall 10-0 Conference)

  • Congrats, you made the playoff with your coach in a hotel room eating Rotel cheese dip and drinking milk. Now, comes the big challenge. Don’t screw it up for everyone and lose to Bama. Our conference and mental sanity rests on it.

2. Ohio State (11-1 Overall 8-1 Conference)

  • Idk, figure it out. You’re a top 5 team year in and year out. Once again, you are #2 in the conference and out of the college football playoff. Will you be in the playoff next year? Yes, I would say so. However, will you be the #2 seed or #8?

The seeding is going to be the next bit of drama with the playoff teams going to 12. It’s up to you how you want to be seeded. Do you want to play an SEC school in the first round or do you want to play the #2 Big 12 team? It’s time to make some small yet fairly important changes for the Buckeyes.

3. Penn State (10-2 Overall 7-2 Conference)

  • Not too shabby of a season. In all honesty, you just need a decent offensive coordinator and some time management cleanup and you are literally right next to OSU and Michigan.

4. Iowa (10-3 Overall 7-3 Conference)

  • Congrats, you’re a little ahead of those below you but lightyears from those above.

I have no idea what you are doing right now. The portal is open and you still don’t have an OC for next year. Are you going to take the athletic department to court so the son of your coach can stay on?

You need a quarterback, badly. By the time the bowl season is over and you get around to getting a new OC the portal will be a ghost town. Do you really want to sacrifice the upcoming season so Brian doesn’t have to have his feelings hurt?

5. Northwestern (7-5 Overall 5-4 Conference)

  • Holy cow, you were the poster child for a dead program coming into the season. You were left for dead. Instead, you go and win seven games and make a bowl. I’m proud of you NW! You proudly sit at #5.

6. Wisconsin (7-5 Overall 5-4 Conference)

  • First year head coach has first year head coach problems. You won some nice games and you lost some bad ones. In the end, you made a bowl. That’s all anyone can ask for right now.

7. Maryland (7-5 Overall 4-5 Conference)

  • The Terps started out strong. Had some trouble in the middle. In the end, you made a bowl and looked like a fairly decent team to boot. I like this team and look forward to next year.

8. Rutgers (6-6 Overall 3-6 Conference)

  • You made a bowl, congrats. Sorry, that’s all I have for you. Keep plugging away and turning those two star players into honorable mention all conference.

9. Minnesota (5-7 Overall 3-6 Conference)

  • I have no idea what’s going on in Minneapolis. The question is, can they really do better?

10. Nebraska (5-7 Overall 3-6 Conference)

  • This is a full on rebuild. You’ve heard me say it all season. There were some high points and a lot of low ones. Get a QB in the portal and keep building your roster. Yeah, it’s still painful but there seems to be momentum inside of 1 Memorial.

Also, it’s almost uncanny how the Huskers lost three games with the exact score of 10-13.

11. Illinois (5-7 Overall 3-6 Conference)

  • Hi Bert, so close to a bowl. Enjoy the offseason and work on that roster.

12. Michigan State (4-8 Overall 2-7 Conference)

  • Such a bad/weird situation. Nice job getting Jonathan Smith from Oregon State. I hope he does well for you.

13. Purdue (4-8 Overall 3-6 Conference)

  • The pride of the state of Indiana contingent of the Big Ten.

14. Indiana (3-9 Overall 1-8 Conference)

  • Basketball school, I’m sorry as it’s becoming cliché. You did nothing of note this year other than firing a very nice man who probably didn’t have the resources to compete in a Power 2 conference.