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Huskers in the NFL Week 13

How Did Each Former Husker Do in their Sunday Games

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Week 13 was a big dud as we only got to see nine former Huskers see action on Sunday. Injuries put a bit of damper as guys like Lavonte David and Dicaprio Bootle were out with injuries while Cam Taylor-Britt is questionable for Monday night. Here’s a look at those few that played.

Luke Gifford, Tennessee Titans

Gifford played 28 special teams snaps for the Titans in their overtime loss to the Colts, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to make any tackles.

Maliek Collins, Houston Texans

While Collins was only credited with two tackles and a quarterback hurry, his impact was felt with his ability to create penetration.

Khalil Davis, Houston Texans

With the Texans defensive line getting healthier that meant Davis only got to see 16 total snaps on defense and was unable to make any tackles.

Trey Palmer, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Against the division rival Panthers, Palmer was targeted early 5 times but was only able to make two catches for 12 yards while he did add 13 yards rushing on an end around.

Randy Gregory, San Francisco 49ers

Gregory got some early snaps against the Eagles and while he wasn’t able make any tackles or sacks, he did get two quarterback hurries on Jalen Hurts.

Cam Jurgens, Philadelphia Eagles

Even though the Eagles lost big to the 49ers, Jurgens had a good game not allowing a sack while doing well blocking in the run game.

Jack Stoll, Philadelphia Eagles

We thought we had another Jack Stoll reception, but the 7 yard catch was negated by an offensive pass interference call against Devonta Smith. Having former Heisman Trophy winning receiver Devonta Smith setting a pick to get Jack Stoll open was definitely not on my bingo card.

Nick Gates, Washington and Brenden Jaimes, Los Angeles Chargers

Both reserve offensive lineman saw most of their action on field goal and PAT units. Gates did see three meaningless snaps at center.