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When Trying to Play Like Creighton Goes Wrong for Nebraska Basketball in 29 Point Loss

Creighton v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images


By this time that this article is published, most of you have heard from most of our local media around the 29 point blowout in a rivalry game between Creighton and and Nebraska in Lincoln.

I’ve decided to go a different route. Do not worry, it is a short one.

There are a lot of basketball games in a season. Especially on the college level. Fred Hoiberg was 7-0 this season leading into this game and the Huskers got “spanked” as local legendary Nebraska basketball play-by-play Kent Pavelka said after the game .

I think Nebraska is still looking for their identity. And unfortunately when you are looking for an identity against a team like Creighton, who knows exactly who they are, then that’s how lopsided rivalry games like this happen.

Creighton is not 30 points better than Nebraska. However, they were today which is all that matters in a local rivalry. Well that is all that matters for 12 hours.

Then you wake up in the morning and you move on.

Nebraska appeared to be in a search of an identity today and chose “Creighton.” This is a style of basketball that you could try against almost any opponent except for...well Creighton. A bad shooting night and a team in search of an identity really adds up in the scoring column.

This team needs to find an identity sooner than later as conference season starts against Minnesota on Wednesday.

Fred Hoiberg said they want to be tough. I’m not doubting their toughness. However, I think learning a way to play together will go a long way.