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A Donation To Team Jack Foundation...

Jack Hoffman

A few weeks or months ago, Greg started collecting money for Team Jack Foundation on our Thursday night show. It wasn’t something we made a huge deal of, but Greg ended up collecting $274, the idea being that we would donate the money at the end of the year.

So.... earlier today I donated $1,034 to Team Jack, just because $1000 sounded like a reasonable amount, I believe in what Team Jack is doing, and I covered the credit card transaction fee to bring it to $1,034.

I would like this to become something we do yearly. As a heart attack survivor and TBI survivor, I feel like I should be doing something like this, but I never really committed to it.

I can tell you all about living with traumatic brain injury, but I cannot imagine what it’d be like to have brain cancer as a child. Perhaps we can help in some way.

It’s end of the year. Contributions to Team Jack Foundation are tax deductible. Would you rather give your money to the government, where they’re going to spend it on doing another worthless investigation with no real results, or would you rather give it to someone who might actually do some good with it?

If you’re not enamored with Team Jack, find another local charity. Consider it your civic duty.

Thank God Greg started it. Maybe we can start something.