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Five Heart 359: Husker Resolutions for the New Year

Iowa v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

We did Christmas Wish List items last week, it only seems fitting to keep the holiday theme.

Jon wasn’t able to join us as he had some family in town for one last day. But Minnie and Greg put on a hell of a show, talking about a couple transfer portal possibilities at the skill positions (RB and WR) that will be visiting Lincoln in the coming weeks.

Minnie did a ton of prep work on recapping the bowl games thus far. We didn’t get to any of that. But we did talk a little bit about the college football playoff. Nebraska, as a state, seems to be solidly behind Washington. There won’t be anyone crying if Texas loses, anyway. But Michigan/Alabama is a tough one to call, because we all hate Alabama and we fit in very nicely with the long-standing Big Ten tradition of crapping on our conference-mates. So let’s just all root for Washington, after all they aren’t a Big Ten team...yet.

And for good measure, a few New Years resolutions as they pertain to Nebraska athletics. Like not throwing chairs or criticizing the coaching staff, you know, the usual.